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Setting Notes

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In this variation of Amber, the city has a roughly late 19th century technology level and culture. The city is nestled in the Oisen Valley in the foothills of Mt. Kolver. The Oisen River cuts through the middle of the city and pours out into the harbor. Castle Amber rests atop the lip at one edge of the valley. Once a King lived in that castle. (Also, once, Amber was not Fallen.) Now the kingdom is ruled over by nine princes. They are rarely seen outside of the Castle, and when they are their features are concealed by a pale ivory mask and a bulky robe. Considering that things seem to writhe inhumanly under their robes, it is perhaps best  that you can't see them. 


There are also four princesses, though one lives in self-imposed exile in Rebma. They are inhumanly beautiful, but their faces are also concealed by ivory masks. 


The city is dark. Even during the day, a fog often cloaks the city. People go out during the day with caution. No one with sense goes out at night. Monsters lurk everywhere, sometimes in the sewer, sometimes in the apartment next door. Death is somewhat flexible in Amber. Some people do manage to claw their way out of the gray halls of Death. But they come back... changed. 


There are a few nearby locations worth mentioning:


Outside the City


There is countryside. Amber is not entirely city, though it's the only city of note. Farms dot the countryside, next to woods that are dark and filled with monsters. Imagine every bad thing that you can about small towns, isolated manors, and dark woods? It applies. 




An underwater city founded by the self-appointed King Lir. Lir sought to escape the tyranny of the Old King and create a utopia of great men and women. It is an engineering marvel, a thing of steam and brass, accessible only by elevator on the spur of land known as Faiella Bionin. Lir died, perhaps murdered, and his daughter Moins has taken over the governing of the city. Rebma was not spared when Amber fell, and it is said that dark things lurk down in the waters around Rebma. Some even live there. Princess Llewella lives there in a self-imposed exile. 


Young's Mental Asylum


Tucked away at the edges of the city is a fortress-like mental hospital, where those who can no longer function mentally may find refuge. Some jokingly call this place the "Land of the Young." 


Oisen University


The premier center of academic studies. 


The Golden Circle


The Golden Circle nations exist. They are distant places and unlikely to be relevant in this game. 

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