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Character Creation

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Instructions: Come up with a concept. Pick an occupation. You have 2 points for attributes, 2 points to spend on Spiffs. If you get your character in before the convention, you get an additional 2 points in Spiffs. Race is a little fast and loose, and is largely reflected in the Spiffs you take.  




Free Agent: Odd-job man for hire. Sometimes someone needs a bodyguard. Sometimes they need an investigator. Sometimes they just need a message delivered. You’re the person they come to. This could function as a P.I., a consulting detective or even a mercenary. 


Criminal: You make your living by subverting the laws of the land.  


Diplomat: You are an appointed representative of a kingdom, working in an open fashion to strengthen your country.  


Spy: You are representing some faction under assumed pretenses, pursuing their interests in a sneaky fashion.  




This game uses, to a limited degree, the four standard ADRPG attributes. Every two ranks in an attribute marks a tier of power. Having an odd number of ranks in an attribute only means you are halfway between the tiers and has no other ill effects.


The tiers are :

●     Degenerate (0): On par with a standard “human.”

●     Dire (2): A talented human.

●     Fiendish (4): A very talented human

●     Baleful (6+): High end of human ability.


Each PC starts out at Degenerate level, and receives ranks to distribute between the four attributes. Additional improvements to attributes may be made by spending an appropriate Spiff.


The four attributes are interpreted differently from the rule book:


Psyche: This does not provide telepathy through eye contact or physical contact. Nor does it provide psychic manipulation, surgery or even “mind raping.” At best, you may be able to daze or stun someone over a psychic contact. On the other hand, this attribute covers social interaction and stealth. Magical abilities depend heavily on this ability. 


Warfare: Most of the physical aspects of this attribute have been stripped out. This attribute mainly covers tactical reasoning, ranged combat and most formal dueling situations. You can, in theory, use this with something like a sword or staff to buy a bit of time and moving room. However, a significant Strength advantage negates the usefulness of such a tactic. 


Strength: This covers most physical abilities. Running, jumping, beating someone down. In hand-to-hand combat, this attribute is more heavily weighted than Warfare. 


Endurance: This functions about the same as in the book. While not everyone necessarily has the extreme regenerative ability typical of a normal “Amber” character, this game will likely not last long enough for that to be relevant. 




Each player receives 2 points to spend on spiffs, 4 if they get their character to me in advance. Some Spiffs are more expensive than others. The price is noted in the description.


Anomalous Posession [1 or 2]: You possess a magical item of moderate potency. A magic blade, a scrying glass, etc. Alternately, this could be a creature such as a guard animal or a familiar.The 2 point version gives you more than the 1 point version.  


Devil's Own Luck [1 or 2]: What you lack in skill and ability, you make up for in absurd good fortune. 2 points is more lucky than 1 point.  


Hedge Mage [2]: You dabble in an assortment of magics and possess and eclectic blend of sorcery and conjuration. The exact angle of your magical ability depends on your profession. You also possess an item that allows you to rack 3 spells within it. Note that this less resembles the Amber Diceless sorcery rules, and more of a gritty, organic low-powered approach to magic. 


Inhuman Talent [1 or 2]: You have some sort of special attack: a poisonous bite, diamond-hard claws, the ability to breath fire, a dart-launching parasite lodged in your abdomen. This is much more potent than fighting with your bare knuckles. This could, alternately, represent some other special racial ability. Like aquatic adaptation, fire resistance, etc. More potent versions grant more. 1 point might allow you to breath underwater. 2 points would give you that plus the ability to withstand deep water pressure.  


Limited Shapeshifter [2]: You have one alternate form and can sculpt your features. Your alternate form can have some perk that your normal form does not have such as armor, venomed claws, or some other nifty ability. 


Loathsome [2]: You are intimidating. While some people use threats of violence to get what they want, you can just lay down a mean stink-eye and people will stop in their tracks or start blabbing information. This only works if you have a higher Psyche than your opponent. 


Minion [1+]: You have a person that is loyal to you and does your work. His attributes start at Degenerate and you buy points for him at a 1-to-1 ratio. . 


Person of Influence [1 -2]: You possess a title or position that grants you power in a sphere of influence and knowledge associated with it. With these roles some responsibility and ties to elsewhere that demand your time. You can also be retired from the position. This removes your power but also your responsibility. Some samples include:  

●     Nobility: You are a member of a noble house in Amber.

●     Officer: You hold a military commission and perhaps have troops that report to you.

●     Gang Leader: You are a person of note in the criminal underworld.


Specialty [1 or 2]: You are particularly good at a narrow application of an attribute. When that comes into play, your attribute is effectively much higher. The 1 point version gives you two extra ranks while the 2 point version gives you 4 different ranks. Some sample specialties follow:  


●     Cad: Terms of engagement are for pussies. You gain an extra edge in stand-up fights courtesy of knives up your sleeves, knees to the crotch or some other skullduggery. You are at your best, though, when it comes to stabbing people in the back or shooting them from hiding.

●     Duelist: You are an expert at some traditional dueling weapon or combination of dueling weapons: rapier and main-gauche, trisp and fandon, pistols, etc. While using that weapon, you are deadly in most situations and almost unstoppable in a formal duel. You likely are the type to pose as a stand-in combatant when a duel of honor is to occur.

●     Nothing Up Your Sleeve: You are a master of sleight of hand. Picking pockets, cup-and-ball games and common parlor tricks are all within your realm of mastery. 

●     Well-Connected: You have extensive contacts throughout . They may not necessarily be interested in actively helping, but they might be able to provide information.  

●     Hard Case: Whether it’s due to an armored hide, uncanny resilience, alien anatomy or dumb luck, you can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. You can typically resist the equivalent of a gunshot wound or two and still be okay. For some characters, this may simply mean they are very good at avoiding damage. 




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